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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Thank You ~ An Edibles Gift!

Delivery was attempted last night, but we were at the Little League World Series Final Game.

Message was left on phone and card at the door. No idea who or why someone was sending me this gift....had me thinking all morning about it.

Then, it arrived...and I could tell it was a thank you, but from who?

It was from my sis! This was such a surprise!

 A thank you for helping her move, awe to sweet! Here is a close up of the gorgeous arrangement.  

Not just a basket was delivered, but a box also!

The princess and I tried a piece, she had the strawberry and I wondered what the bar like pieces were,so I had one of those. It was chocolate covered bananas! YUM!

After we had a piece and I took these photos, I snuck everything in the fridge to stay cold and fresh for others to see later today. My sis shouldn't have spent her money on me like this! She happens to be down today, so guess what she will get!

Thanks bunches, love you sis!

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